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Fast, Full-Service Urgent Care and Immediate X-Ray Imaging

Choosing Access 365 Urgent Care for non-emergency medical needs means receiving quality care at a fraction of the cost of an ER visit.

Comprehensive Urgent Care Services for All Ages

Access top-quality urgent care services whenever you need them. Our experienced healthcare team is here to provide prompt, compassionate care for all non-life-threatening emergencies.
Hepatitis A Testing
Common cold
Nasal congestion
Workplace Health
Hand pain
Itchy rash
Nausea and vomiting
STI test (STD test)
Strep throat
Dog bite
Stomach Flu
Sinus infection
COVID travel testing
Same-Day antigen
Drug Test
Toe pain
Wrist sprain
Cuts and Scrapes
Insect Bites & Stings